With a student population of 84,000, the University of Nairobi is the largest institution of higher learning in Kenya and the region at large. The undergraduate and postgraduate students are spread across the various campuses in the country. The University of Nairobi is well endowed with sufficient resources both human and infrastructure that will enable students to be empowered and transform into a holistic graduate. The University encourages students to develop a culture of creativity and innovation.

“Always strive to solve people’s problems instead of creating one and who knows? You might just be the next Jack Ma or Bill Gates!”- Vice- Chancellor, University of Nairobi.

As a UoN student, you can dream big and reap big. Outside the lecture hall, equip yourselves with the soft skills of life by joining a club. There are many professional associations and clubs that one can be a part of.
Keep in good health and refresh your bodies by engaging in sports. For the athletic ones, the University of Nairobi is home to various sports teams including Mean Machine- the rugby team, the Terrorists – men’s basketball team, the Dynamites – ladies basketball team, among others.
You will have opportunities for leadership of the highest caliber. Leadership positions are open to all students in the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA).

Set yourself free and free thy spirit; embrace the poetry of music, experience the wind of change, be swept away by the floods of love, be inspired by the imagination of a new world and let our faculty help you build it - Vice- Chancellor, University of Nairobi.

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to handle students’ welfare. Students are encouraged to consult their lecturers, administration staff as well management when in need.

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