Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I am an international student and I would like to come and study at the University of Nairobi. How do I do that? 

We encourage all our international students to register themselves through our online application portal and apply for admission. Everything you need to know as an international student is on this page 

2. How do I know whether I qualify for the programme I would like to apply for ? 

Our online application portal has all the information on each programme, the Faculty websites have detailed information on each of the programmes and even better, we have a page that has detailed information on how to apply here 

incase of any enquiries on the application process please contact support through

3. How do I get assistance when I am stuck accessing any of the online services that the University offers? 

Good news! we have Faculty ICT support staff and emails provided so that you can quickly seek for a solution be it access to class, access to exams, forgotten password /account details. Just email your Faculty support staff. See the emails here  and Resources here


4. When does the Applications portal open for intake? 

Recently, the University updated its programme details and changed some course codes; therefore, most of the programmes may read that the intake is closed but the September Application intake is open for all programmes . In case, you see that the intake is closed, Please search for the specific programme name. It mmay be served under a different course code.