The Kenya Universities and College Placement Service (KUCCPS) Places KCSE candidates into courses of their choices. Those who miss their choices can apply for inter institution transfers.

After all the placement KUCCPS gives candidates an opportunity to apply for inter-university transfer. This one enables those students who were not pleased with the university/college in

which they were placed to transfer to the university/college of their choice.


Before commencing the application for transfer, please read these instructions carefully:


1. For one to be eligible for transfer, the Placement Service must have placed the applicant to the programme one is seeking a transfer from. 

2. One will only be able to apply to transfer to a course whose minimum requirements one meets.

3. Applicants to degree programmes must meet the applicable cut-off point for their respective placement year.

4. The programme applied to must have been on offer in the year the applicant was placed.

5. An applicant may only apply to transfer to one programme.

6. An applicant shall only transfer once for the duration of the programme placed.

7. The applicant may view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the Programmes tab above and can search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab above.

8. Once the applicant has settled on a preferred programme, only the 7-Character Programme Code will be required.

9. To apply, use the transfer applications tab and follow the instructions provided.

10. An application-processing fee of Ksh1,000 is charged per application.

(i) A prompt for the M-PESA transaction code will appear at the point of

submission. Please keep the transaction code safely as it may be required again.


(ii) CAUTION! Do not make any payment before the applicant has been prompted or

after the application deadline has passed!

Once one has made an application for transfer, the applicant may monitor the progress of their

application via the student’s portal.


How to apply for inter-institution transfer

 Visit KUCCPS student portal at to log in

 After that click the transfer tab at the top of your window

 Select the programme and in the inter-institution transfer field enter the programme code

 You should give a reason why you could wish to transfer

 After filling the form correctly, download and print

 You should also send the form to the institution you transferring to for endorsement and


 When accepted you should take the form to your previous university for release and then

send it to KUCCPS for your new admission letter.