CHUNA (CHUo kikuu cha NAirobi) SACCO is the Savings and Credit Co-operative Society for the employees of the University of Nairobi. Currently, it has an open common bond, thus everyone can be a member even if not an employee of the University.

It was registered in 1976 under the Co-operatives Act as CS/2466 and is duly registered by SACCO SOCIETIES REGULATORY AUTHORITY (SASRA) as a Deposit Taking SACCO (DTS) to undertake FOSA and BOSA activities.

The main objective of the Sacco is to organize and promote the welfare and economic interests of its members in accordance with the Co-operative values and principles.

Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, mutual responsibility, equality, equity and democratic governance.  They must practice prudence management of funds and undertake impactful social responsibilities in the Community.

The SACCO has an asset base of over Ksh 1.7 billion as per the 2020 Audited financial statements.

The SACCO offices are located in Main, the School of Engineering compound in Nairobi Central Business District.

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