Africa Mobile Money Research(AMMREC) newsletter

An International Conference Committee chaired by Prof. Timothy Mwololo Waema of the University of Nairobi will evaluate and provide feedback on all papers received, provide feedback on final presentations, and coordinate the chairing of presentation sessions.

The current members are:

Keynote speakers

In the keynote programme, senior representatives from Academia, Government, Private Sector and Development Partners will share insights into the critical local and regional opportunities, trends as well as growth strategies relevant for the mobile money industry. Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Preparation process

Authors wishing to make presentations will go through a three-stage preparation process:


Mobile money is an emerging area of research, AMMREC expects to build a Conference Community that will ensure an exciting and high quality networking environment, providing an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share knowledge and experience with potential research or practitioner partners. By mobile money weinclude mobile money transfer, mobile banking, agency banking, other financial services through a mobile platform.

AMMREC mobile money conference organizing committee invites unpublished, original contributions describing ongoing or completed work, originating from academia, government, private sector and development partners.
The conference will focus on mobile money academic research from across the globe with significance emphasis to developing markets.

There are four tracks, with each track having key topics of interest as outlined below.
Track 1: Policy and regulation on mobile money transactions
The main topics of interest for this track include but will not be limited to the following:
·         Government policy on mobile money transfer
·         Mobile money transfer regulation
·         International benchmarks on mobile money regulation
·         Financial inclusion issues
·         Policy issues on agency banking and mobile money
·         Emerging issues, e.g. credit referencing

Track 2: Implementation of mobile money solutions
The main topics of interest for this track include but will not be limited to the following:
·         Product design and related business models
·         Mobile money product roll-out challenges and lessons learnt
·         Scalability and sustainability of mobile money products
·         Agent network design, development and support

Track 3: Research
The main topics of interest for this track include but will not be limited to the following:
·         Theoretical frameworks for studying mobile money
·         Security in mobile money transactions
·         Adoption of mobile money products
·         User perceptions of mobile money products
·         Impacts of mobile money on poverty, business transformation, economy, etc.

Track 4: Innovative applications development
The main topics of interest for this track include but will not be limited to the following:
·         Mobile money applications development frameworks
·         Design and development
·         Service sophistication
·         Incubation of MM products


AMMREC is a multi-disciplinary research initiative at the School of Computing and Informatics in the University of Nairobi. Working with partners, AMMREC contributes to the growth of the Mobile Money(MM)ecosystem through research that informs policy.

Mobile Money in Africa

The uptake of mobile money (MM) especially in developing countries has been tremendous. The impact of the uptake has equally been felt including increasing financial inclusion and changing people's lives. There is need to explore ways to further increase the scale and sophistication of MM. evaluating adoption; impact and design of various MM applications needs a solid research foundation. The total value of mobile money transfers in Africa is set to exceed a whopping US$200 by the year 2015, which shows that there is enormous potential in the continent. However, the majority of people in many developing countries still lack access to basic financial services despite vigorous attempts by financial institutions through various initiatives to reach them. There is need for in-depth research to come up with working strategies on ways of extending the mobile money ecosystem to cover a larger percentage of the population in such countries.

The success of M-Pesa in Kenya has demonstrated that mobile financial services can benefit mobile operators and can provide benefits to the ecosystem, including banks, the distribution network, merchants, and companies. Proper implementation of mobile money banking in Africa will empower millions of people while at the same time providing great opportunities for many organizations.