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Student network members and Researchers

At the University of Nairobi AMMREC will involve undergraduate, masters, PhD students and experienced researchers interested in MM research and will provide an environment for mentorship to ensure that cutting-edge research is done. The students are expected to apply appropriate methodologies and generate peer reviewed research papers as well as valuable MM based products. Academics interested in MM research are paired up with students within to conduct research in specific MM areas. MMA will continuously look for grant to support specific research projects across different environments. Based on nature of grants, AMMREC will establish the most appropriate teams of researchers and students to conduct the studies.

For more information please contact Mr Tonny Omwansa at  tomwansa@uonbi.ac.ke


Volunteers with various skills, expertise, interest and commitment to mobile money research in Africa are invited to join.
If you would like to join AMMREC as a volunteer,please contact Mr Tonny Omwansa at  tomwansa@uonbi.ac.ke


We are keen to get funders interested in offering financial and institutional support to AMMREC.We are currently working on the guidelines and structures to support this and more information will be provided.
For more information please contact Mr Tonny Omwansa at  tomwansa@uonbi.ac.ke

Research partners

We are looking for financial service providers that would like to partner with us in conducting our activities. These companaies will have to meet several criterial which shall be posted on this site shortly.

For more information please contact Mr Tonny Omwansa at  tomwansa@uonbi.ac.ke